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Dear Visitor or Visiting, I offer you a warm greeting, whoever and wherever you are, thank you for coming to see me on my site.
They Lucia Riina, the youngest of Salvatore Riina and Antonina Bagarella, younger sister of Maria Concetta, John and Joseph Salvatore, and also the nephew of Leoluca Bagarella.

Why introduce the Internet and why?
Me, in fact, many only know the talk of the controversy, as well as photos and articles, on a single day, what we women, all of us dream of a lifetime, "the happiest day" then if you are lucky enough like me and my husband to be in love beyond reason, beyond the obstacles and forever, the day becomes the tales of a child come true, then live like a dream, controversy or not.

But I'm not here to chat, claims or controversies, sterile for me, but because I have something concrete to offer.
Ever since I was a child, I always had a passion for drawing, remember that Mom and Dad were always trying to get me album and pencils were everywhere, and wherever we were, I was little and did not understand, but I was excited at the idea that each new residence were waiting for pencils and new albums, to fill themselves with fish, snails, butterflies and all that the imagination of a child of 6-7 years could give birth.

In '93 when I arrived in Corleone, I was 12, I was thrown into a world and a whole new reality for me, the school, the community, the country, all over again but I continued to cultivate my passion: the design.
Of course I could not go to art school which is located in Palermo, because at that age and in that situation I could not go to school so far from home, nevertheless I continued to cultivate my passion

Growing up, I met my future husband and love and we got engaged, one of the first gifts I did was just a case with brushes and colors.

Since then many years have passed and now together we were able to give form and substance to my childhood dream was to design and that our dream of adults, which is to create an honest, decent, positive and expressive-creative.

So now dear visitor if you want you can see and buy directly on this site my subjects drawn on wooden palette and painted hand made and unique. It can be a great gift idea as well as a nice decoration for your home can be placed anywhere.

You also have to know that 5% of the proceeds of each sale made will be donated to 'International Association SAVE THE CHILDREN

Thanks and Regards.

Lucia Riina